Quality Policy

Ink is used to mark or decorate parts. It come in different chemical families to match the type of material to be printed (please consult the substrate compatibility chart for selection).Pad printing inks are “solvent-based” and require mixing with additives at the time of use. They typically dry to the touch in seconds although complete drying (cure) might take a substantially longer period of time.Climatic conditions will significantly affect the performance of any pad printing ink, please bear this in mind when planning the location of your pad printer. Always consult Federal, State and local regulations regarding proper handling, storage and disposal of inks. Batra Pad Printing and Automation Leading Manufacturers, exporters and suppliers of Pad printing Inks, Printing inks, Silkscreen ink, Flexo Ink, Offset Ink, gravure Ink, Screen Ink, Water based Ink, UV Ink
As plates for pad printing have very high importance hence selection of proper plates or cliches is extremely critical for quality. The selection of plates or cliches mainly based on nature of pad printing jobs. Excellent Pad printing results are attributed to the following inputs: An excellent pad printing machines Pad printing inks Proper pad printing pads An excellent pad printing plates or cliches Latest, fast and sophisticated method for accuracy in etching depth. The plates are generally of thick steel material which is made by a very special process of hardening and etched by chemical milling process. These plates are sized, ground, toughened, lapped and etched.Hence standard sizes are mostly in stock and special cliches/ plates need time. Standard cliches/ plates sizes 100 X 100 X 10 mm3, 70 X 140 X 10 mm3, 100 X 210 X 10 mm3, 100 X 250 X mm3.
Batra Pad Printing and Automation are one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of a comprehensive range of pad printing equipment and other accessories. Our range of printing pads is comprehensive and finds application across different industry verticals. The features of printing pads are * Dimensionally accurate * Light in weight * Durable
Used to accurately position printed objects X and Y adjustment + rotation.